Midwest Archeological Center
  • A portion of the battlefield landscape at Little Bighorn

    Midwest Archeological Center

    Cultural Resources National Park Service

Managing Data

MWAC has used the techniques and technologies of GIS since 1990 to provide archeological assistance to National Parks, as well as to other federal agencies.  Our mission is therefore to develop, organize, and present digital data about cultural resources, primarily through database management and mapping.  To track and preserve these resources, we maintain digital archeological basemaps that draw from a variety of sources.  We process GPS data collected at archeological sites, record the nature and extent of archeological surveys, and input data to a service-wide online database.  All of this and more is then combined into the basemap for easy communication and display.

MWAC provides the data to parks and federal agencies, and has made accessibility a priority. From standardized, park-specific GIS databases, to fully interactive and sophisticated digital basemaps, the spatial data managed at MWAC has become an important point of reference for archeological reporting and park planning alike.