Midwest Archeological Center
  • A portion of the battlefield landscape at Little Bighorn

    Midwest Archeological Center

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Since its inception, the National Park Service has worked to preserve our nation’s special resources for the enjoyment of all people: past, present, and future. The Midwest Archeological Center plays a role in this by helping the NPS and other Federal agencies better understand and protect archeological resources.  Education and Volunteerism both help us in this mission. We engage students, teachers, families, and communities by providing information about archeology and the past; working together with the public helps us preserve, and tell the story of, archeology across the Midwest Region and elsewhere.

How would you like to get involved?  Educators, students and families can access learning materials on-line, in the classroom, or in parks.  MWAC staff work with schools and after-school programs to engage youth in the mission and the resources of the NPS, and offer community programs for life-long learners.  Volunteers work with MWAC staff in the laboratory or field, learning together about preservation and the past.