Midwest Archeological Center
  • A portion of the battlefield landscape at Little Bighorn

    Midwest Archeological Center

    Cultural Resources National Park Service


The Midwest Archeological Center curates archeological collections for over 60 Midwest Region parks and Intermountain Region parks. These collections typically consist of artifacts and other material remains of past human occupation in present-day park areas that were recovered during the course of archeological fieldwork, together with associated primary documentation in the form of field and laboratory records, photographs, maps, reports, and magnetic media. These collections include nearly 3 million artifacts and archival documents.

As “museum property”, all collections must be documented, protected, and preserved in accordance with NPS standards, federal regulations, and federal legislative mandates. A wide range of activities is performed by the Center’s Archeological Collections Management staff to ensure proper museum property care and management. Those activities include the following:

  • Museum property accessioning and documentation

  • Object Cataloging

  • Management of the repository facility including environmental monitoring and control, integrated pest management, fire and security protection, and housekeeping

  • Coordination with the Center archeological staff regarding field conservation, laboratory handling and processing of artifact collections, and laboratory safety

  • Artifact condition assessments

  • Arranging for conservation treatment of artifacts

  • Accountability inventories

  • Tracking of outgoing loans for artifact analysis

  • Response to park, support office, and Washington requests for object and collections information and assistance

  • Response to in-house and outside research requests

  • In-office exhibit planning, development, and implementation

  • Preparation of reports required by the Museum Management Program, National Center for Cultural Resources Stewardship and Partnership Program, Washington, D.C.