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November 1905 Botanist Alice Eastwood and friends toast Kent’s choice of name for Redwood Canon: MUIR WOODS at their Thanksgiving dinner among the redwoods.

December 2, 1907 Condemnation proceedings, for water rights, filed against Kents and their holdings in Redwood Canon. Proposal is to log trees and build dam at confluence of Fern Creek with Redwood Creek.

December 3, 1907 The Kents return from Hawaii, immediately wire Giffort Pinchot to express intent to save woods and clearly stating public value of keeping forest intact and open to people; Olmsted identifies Antiquities Act as possible means to save

December 10, 1907 Kent writes water company to express his view that saving woods may be a higher purpose than water rights. Also starts massive PR campaign

December 14, 1907 Promising news from Washington, D.C. Deed prepared to donate lands.

December 17, 1907 Olmsted visits and describes value of woods: 35 million board feet of lumber, $150,000

December 26, 1907 Olmsted’s Report received; deed for gift of 298 acres sent to Dept. of Interior

December 31, 1907 Secretary of Interior Garfield accepts deed through Antiquities Act

January 9, 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt Proclaims the Gift a National Monument; note simplification of significance

January 22, 1908 Land office registers deed and confirmation received of official name, at William Kent’s request it will be Muir Woods National Monument

February 10, 1908 William Kent invites John Muir to speak with him at the Native Sons dinner in San Rafael, specifically about value of nature and importance of protecting the Mount Tamalpais Region

September 1908 John Muir Accepts William Kent’s invitation to visit Muir Woods NM (he had visited with Pinchot and sergeant in 1903, will visit again in 1909.

December 22, 1908 Condemnation suit finally dropped

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