Museum Handbook: Primer on Disaster Preparedness
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Orange Line Graphic
Orange Block Graphic Earthquake

If an earthquake should occur:

During The Shaking ---

1.   If indoors

-    Stay there.

-    Take cover under sturdy furniture (desks, work tables, etc.)
     or in a supported doorway.

-    Stay near the center of the building.

-    Do not run for the exit as the stairs may be broken or
     jammed with people.

-    Do not use elevators.

-    Stay away from glass windows, doors, display cabinets,
     bookcases, etc.

-    Do not use candles, matches, or other open flame as there
     may be gas leaks.

-    Extinguish all fires with the proper type of extinguisher or
     other method.

2.   If outdoors

-    Move to an open area away from buildings, utility wires,
     trees, etc.

-    If forced to stand near a building, watch for falling

3.   If driving a vehicle

-    Stop as quickly as safety permits, avoiding overpasses and
     power lines.

-    Remain in the car until the shaking stops.

-    If able to drive on after the shaking stops, watch for
     hazards which may have been created by the earthquake (e.g.,
     fallen/falling objects, downed utility wires, under-mined
     roadways, damaged bridges/overpasses).