Museum Handbook: Primer on Disaster Preparedness
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Orange Line Graphic
Orange Block Graphic Bomb Threat

If you receive a bomb threat telephone call:

 1.  Remain calm.

 2.  Listen carefully.  Be polite and show interest.

 3.  Try to keep the caller talking to learn more information.

 4.  If possible, write a note to a colleague to call the
     authorities or, as soon as the caller hangs up, immediately
     notify them yourself.

 5.  Complete the attached Bomb Threat Checklist immediately. 
     Write down as much detail as you can remember.

 6.  Do not discuss the threat with other staff.

 7.  Follow the instructions of the building Security.

 8.  Evacuate when directed and follow the procedures included at
     the beginning of this handbook.

 9.  Do not spread rumors.