Museum Handbook: Primer on Disaster Preparedness
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Orange Line Graphic
Orange Block Graphic Flood

In case of a flood watch in the area:

 1.  Listen to local radio/TV.

 2.  Prepare to take immediate precautionary actions.

 3.  If driving, watch for flooding at highway dips, bridg-
     es, and low areas due to rain not seen by you, but
     which may be indicated by thunder and lightning.

In case of a flood warning in the area:

 1.  Listen to local radio/TV.

 2.  Prepare to evacuate upon direction. (Note:  If a flash
     flood warning is issued, get out of the area immediate-

 3.  Assist disabled persons and follow instructions of
     emergency preparedness personnel.

 4.  Check any battery-powered equipment & back-up power

 5.  Store drinking water in clean receptacles (e.g., sinks,
 6.  Inventory and move to the upper floors emergency sup-
     plies such as food, first aid items, blankets...

 7.  Secure all loose objects located outside.

 8.  Assist with protecting objects.

 9.  Board up windows.

10.  Disconnect utilities which are not absolutely essen-

11.  Fill vehicle gas tank(s).

12.  If driving, know the depth of the water in a dip or low
     area before crossing.

13.  If vehicle stalls, abandon it immediately and seek
     higher ground.

14.  Do not try to cross a stream on foot if water is above
     your knees.

15.  Do not re-enter the affected area until directed by
     emergency preparedness personnel.

16.  Do not spread rumors.