What is the Interior Collections Management System (ICMS)?
    ICMS is a commercial off-the-shelf software system licensed to the Department of Interior (DOI). This database was developed to accession and catalog DOI museum collections. In addition, the system documents multiple museum functions including conservation, inventory, and use of collections.

    A User Manual for ICMS is available to users from all DOI bureaus and offices with museum collections. The manual is also available for contractors and repositories using ICMS to manage DOI museum collections. 

    The electronic files that compose the manual are available to lawful users for download from the ICMS FTP site. To request the FTP site login information, please send an email to nps_museums@nps.gov, with the subject line ICMS FTP site. If you do not have a DOI email address, please have your government contact or supervisor request access to the user manual.