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General and Mrs. Washington's Bedroom

General and Mrs. Washington's bedroom was on the second floor of the Headquarters building. Beds in the eighteenth century had no standard size, but were designed specifically for the user. During the day, Mrs. Washington would have used it as a sitting room. She met here with the Quaker ladies from Philadelphia who came to plead with the General for the release of their imprisoned husbands. Officers' wives were also present, making or repairing clothing and sometimes aiding in copying documents.

Bedstead, American, 1770 – 1780
Bed hangings 1988 (Reproduction)
Mahogany, maple. H 215.2, L 213.3, W 138.5 cm

Photograph by Carol M. Highsmith Photograph
Valley Forge National Historical Park, VAFO 3359

Washington’s Headquarters Second Floor Plan