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Illustration, Picture of Huts he hills and hollows around Valley Forge provided a natural defense against British attack. Brigadier General Louis LeBeque Duportail was one of several engineering officers the French government permitted to assist the American cause. He laid out the encampment and planned a system of fortifications that included cannon emplacements and two miles of trenches.

eneral Washington's first general orders to the soldiers in camp were to build huts. Each hut housed twelve enlisted men. Some officers roomed in nearby farmhouses. A military city of more than 1,000 huts rose amid the farming and industrial community of Valley Forge. Markets were established, equipment repaired, and soldiers recruited. Army reorganization and training began in preparation for the coming campaign.

he Major Generals, accompanied by the engineers, are to view the ground attentively and fix upon the proper spot and mode for hutting so as to render the camp as strong and inaccessible as possible.
General Orders, December 20, 1777
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Painting of DuPortail Brass Pocket Telescope
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