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Congress Voting Independence
This view of the Assembly Room in the Pennsylvania State House (now called Independence Hall) represents the most accurate image that we have of that room as it appeared during the Revolutionary era. The image provided a very important source of information for the National Park Service's restoration and refurnishing of the Assembly Room during the 1960s.

The original oil on canvas painting (now owned by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania) was begun in 1784 by a British artist named Robert Edge Pine then living in Philadelphia. Pine died in 1788 without completing the work, so his wife asked a New England painter named Edward Savage (who moved to Philadelphia in 1795) to finish it. Savage was also an engraver. He planned to popularize the painting by producing a print version of it for sale. When Savage died in 1817, he left the engraving plate unfinished. Later, this engraving plate was acquired by the Massachusetts Historical Society, and an engraving was printed in 1859. One of these engravings is in the Independence collection.
Engraving, L 60.6, W 75.8 cm
Independence National Historical Park, INDE 5835