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omen participated in the American Revolution on many fronts. Some were politically active. They raised funds to assist soldiers and sewed clothing for the troops. Several women from prominent and affluent families supported the cause by providing their homes as meeting places.

ural women tended crops and livestock when their men fought the war. Very often, women accompanied men into the field. They assisted with cooking, sewing, and washing clothes, and tended the sick. Women not only sewed clothing for their husbands and sons, they often spun the yarn and wove the fabric. Officers' wives also joined their husbands at the front. Martha Washington spent time with her husband at the winter encampments of Valley Forge and Morristown. American women, from all walks of life, played a critical yet largely unheralded role in achieving independence.

arly accounts refer to Carolina women as being bred to the Needle and Spinning as well as to the dairy and domestick affairs, while standing ready to help and assist their Husbands in any Servile Work....

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