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n March 15, 1781 Major General Nathanael Greene and his army of 4,400 Americans contested the British invasion of North Carolina at Guilford Courthouse. Lt. Gen. Charles, Earl Cornwallis, commanded the tough professional force of 1,900 British soldiers. Greene deployed his men into smaller groups to take advantage of the terrain.

he Courthouse battle was fierce. The veteran British troops were severely crippled. Cornwallis lost a quarter of his army and almost a third of his officers. Greene lost only six percent of his men. With greatly diminished ranks and depleted supplies, Cornwallis withdrew to the coast, 200 miles away.

he battle fought at Guilford Courthouse was the largest and most hotly contested action of the Revolutionary War's Southern Campaign. It is considered
the high-water mark of that campaign in that it changed the course of the war and contributed to the eventual American victory at Yorktown seven months later.
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never saw such fighting since God made me. The Americans fought like demons.
Lt. Gen. Charles,
Earl Cornwallis.
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everal objects featured in this exhibit are directly associated with the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. The other objects are dated to the Revolutionary War period but are not directly associated with the battle.

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