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eter Francisco was one the best-known enlisted men in the American army. Abandoned on a wharf in Virginia in 1765, he was taken in by the Winston family of Hunting Tower, Virginia. Francisco joined the 10th Virginia Continental Line as a sixteen-year-old. An officer noted Francisco never entered battle without distinguishing himself eminently. Fellow soldiers testified he did the fighting of six or eight men.

t Camden in 1780, Francisco saved his colonel's life by running his assailant through with a bayonet. He was wounded in the leg at Brandywine, received a nine-inch stomach wound at Stony Point, and was hit by a British musket ball in the right thigh at Monmouth. At Guilford Courthouse Francisco killed four men in the presence of Colonel Washington, and suffered a bayonet wound that ran from his knee to his hip.

fter the war Francisco set up a blacksmith's shop and repaired saddles, shoes, boots, belts and other leather items. He founded the community of Curdsville, Virginia. He became a farmer, married three times, and fathered eight children. In his later years he was sergeant-at-arms of the Virginia House of Delegates, a post he held until his death in 1831.
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