Links to Other NPS Revolutionary War Sites

Museum Management Program, National Park Service, initiated, developed, and
coordinated this multi-park World Wide Web project to highlight NPS American
Revolutionary War museum collections.
Joan Bacharach, Museum Curator and Access and Use Team Coordinator
Khaled Bassim, Visual Information Specialist, photography and web design
Will Fulmer, Web Intern
Ann Hitchcock, Chief Curator

Will Fulmer, Web Intern (Valley Forge NHP)
Candy Robinson, Web Intern (Morristown NHP)
Nicole Shiflet, Web Intern (Valley Forge NHP; Guilford Courthouse NMP; Independence NHP)
Carol Highsmith, Photographer, selected photos of
Valley Forge National Historical Park collections
Music on the Exhibit Splash Page
'Music of the American Revolution' by Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums, Inc., Courtesy of the Nathan Hale Ancient Fife & Drum Corps, Coventry, Connecticut.
Valley Forge National Historical Park
Prepared Valley Forge NHP collections for photography and developed exhibit label copy
Scott Houting, Museum Technician
Dona M. McDermott, Chief, Interpretation and Cultural Resources
Arthur L. Stewart, Superintendent
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
Developed the Guilford Courthouse NMP Exhibit Plan
John Lloyd Durham, Historian
Robert A.Vogel, Superintendent
Stephen Ware, Chief, Interpretation
Morristown National Historical Park
Prepared Morristown NHP collections for photography and developed exhibit label copy
Michael Henderson, Superintendent
Joni Rowe, Museum Specialist
David Vecchioli, Archivist

T. Sower, Photographer for MORR 4634
J. Rowe, Photographer for MORR 4669; 4764
Harpers Ferry Center
Conservation Department
Prepared Valley Forge NHP collections for photography
Barbara Cumberland,
Assistant Conservator
Alice Newton, Registrar

Exhibits Department
Prepared the Guilford Courthouse NMP exhibit plan
David Guiney
, Interpretive Media Specialist, Interpretive Media Institute

Office of Reference Services
Provided scans of NPS illustrations
Wade Myers, Technical Information Specialist

Museum Management Program