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The Life of Jesus Christ from the Four Gospels in the Nez Perce Language
By J.M. Cataldo, SJ
Beginning in the early 1830's Christian churches in the United States competed in a drive to bring Christianity to the Nez Perce. On Buffalo hunts east of the Bitterroot Mountains, the Nez Perce came into contact with Jesuit priests of the Rocky Mountain Mission established in the early 1840's. By the 1860's, Jesuit priests established a church at Lewiston, Idaho and were determined to work among the Nez Perce. Father Cataldo, SJ built a small chapel near Spalding, Idaho in 1868. In 1874 Cataldo established St. Joseph's Mission at Slickpoo valley south of Lapwai, Idaho. The Jesuits extensively studied the Nez Perce language and in addition to a Nez Perce-English dictionary, produced these gospels.
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