Thomas Moran: Painter of Yellowstone NP

Moran and William Henry Jackson

Liberty Cap and Clematis Gulch Liberty Cap
Thomas Moran
Liberty Cap and Clematis Gulch
William Henry Jackson
Liberty Cap

Early survey teams often included artists and photographers. In the days before color photography, artists provided an added dimension to the documentation needed for a successful expedition. The Hayden Survey had the magical combination of artist Moran and photographer William Henry Jackson. The two became lifelong friends.

Moran and Jackson collaborated in selecting views and creating images that brought the near-mythical Yellowstone region to life. While many visitors to Yellowstone are most captivated by the geysers and other thermal features and wildlife, Moran and Jackson devoted more time to the Grand Canyon (including the place now known as "Artist Point") than anywhere else in Yellowstone. Jackson later wrote that "Moran's enthusiasm was greater here than anywhere else."





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