Thomas Moran: Credits

Yellowstone National Park for supporting this project and staff assistance during the exhibit development.
    Susan Kraft, Museum Curator

    Michael V. Finley, Superintendent

National Park Service Museum Management Program, Access and Use Team, for initiating, developing, and coordinating this World Wide Web project to highlight NPS museum collections.

    Joan Bacharach, Museum Registrar and Team Coordinator

    Ned Howard, Intern

    Ann Hitchcock, Chief Curator

National Park Service Cultural Resource Web Team for providing technical oversight.

    Mark Oviatt, Multi Media Coordinator

    Terry Childs, CR Web Team Leader

National Gallery of Art for collaborating and supporting the project and providing these images.

    Nancy Anderson, Exhibit Curator

    Donna Mann, Production Manager, Education Publications

    Phyllis Hecht, Web Site Manager

    Earl A. Powell, III, Director

    National Gallery of Art URL:

For additional information, contact:

Yellowstone National Park P.O. Box 168 Yellowstone, WY 82190

NPS Museum Management Program 1849 C Street NW, Room NC 230, Washington, DC 20240



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