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Projectile Point
1300 - c 1850

Obsidian for projectile points came from sources within an 80-mile radius of Manzanar. The variety of projectile types suggests that the Manzanar site may have been a base camp or village where a variety of subsistence and daily tasks took place.

Manos and metates were used for processing plant foods, while the projectile points, bifaces, and other artifacts were used in hunting. Bone fragments show that jackrabbit, cottontail, fish, mussel, bighorn sheep, birds and small mammals, were important food sources.
Artifact type frequency, obsidian hydration and radiocarbon dating indicate the most intensive use of the site was between A.D. 600 and A.D. 1300.

Obsidian. L 1.7, W 1.4, T .2 cm

Manzanar National Historic Site, MANZ 1795