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Camera [replica]

c 1980

Toyo Miyatake was a successful commercial photographer in Los Angeles before the World War II. When war broke out, Japanese Americans were banned from having cameras. Miyatake smuggled a lens and film holder into Manzanar and constructed a makeshift camera to look like a lunch box. Eventually, Project Director Ralph Merritt discovered that Miyatake was photographing the camp, but allowed Miyatake to continue. In his more than three years in camp, Toyo Miyatake produced about 1500 images. Archie Miyatake built this wooden box camera as an exact replica of the one his father Toyo crafted at camp.

Steel, wood, aluminum. H 14, W 14, D 19 cm

Manzanar National Historic Site, MANZ 3331

Toyo Miyatake
By Ansel Adams

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. LC-DIG-ppprs-00448