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Toiletry Group

This grouping of a washbasin set, hand-held leather razor strop with flat wooden handle, cutthroat razor and toothbrush are similar to what Mr. Lincoln would have used.

c 1850

A sharp razor blade was essential to get a smooth shave.  The clean-shaven Mr. Lincoln would sharpen his razor on a strop like this one.

Wood, leather. L 34.8, W 3.8, D 1.4 cm
Lincoln Home National Historic Site, LIHO 1057

Tooth brush (reproduction)

White bone handle with natural bristle toothbrush.

Bone, pig bristles.
H 2, W 1.5, L 15.8 cm
Lincoln Home National Historic Site, LIHO 1807


White ironstone large bowl in Syendenham pattern.

Ceramic. H 12.1, Dia 33.4 cm
Lincoln Home National Historic Site, LIHO 1275


White ironstone pitcher with handle in Syndenham pattern.

Ceramic. H 27.7, W 22, D 18 cm
Lincoln Home National Historic Site, LIHO 1276


Towel with simple hem, drawn work border. Most people did not yet have an inside bathroom so a washstand was placed in the bedroom with a pitcher of water, a basin to pour it into and a towel for washing up.  Most towels were linen and pitchers and basins were frequently sold as a set.

Cotton. L 64, W 63 cm
Lincoln Home National Historic Site, LIHO 1248

Manufactured in Philadelphia, PA

Folding razor in ivory case Lincoln was clean-shaven for nearly his entire life until he received a letter during the 1860 campaign from a little girl who said he would look better if he grew a beard and then maybe ladies would tease their husbands into voting for him.  He waited until the election was safely over to start growing the beard.  Until then, he would have used a straight razor like this.

Ivory, steel. L 24.2, W 2.3, D 1.5 cm
Lincoln Home National Historic Site
, LIHO 1214