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Confederate Enlisted Man's Uniform
A Confederate enlisted man’s shell jacket made of grayish brown wool. This coarse and simple uniform became widely used by Confederate troops, particularly the Western Theater. The uniform was originally gray in appearance but turned a "butternut brown" when exposed to the sun. The dye used in these inexpensive wool and cotton blend uniforms often came from butternuts, walnut shells, and rust. Their earth-tone color is what caused the Federals to sometimes call Rebels "Butternuts."

Wool, wooden buttons
H 58.0, W 44.0 cm

acket GETT 29076
Trousers GETT 29077
Shoes GETT 31026
Canteen GETT 8987
Cap Box GETT 28440
Scabbard GETT 24021
Belt GETT 6996
Hat GETT 29078

H 58.0, W 44.0 cm
Gettysburg National Military Park