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Love Letter from J. Whaley to James Cariker
May 9, 1862
This letter was found with letter GETT 40389. It was picked up on the Battlefield near Middletown by Jacob Bechtel.

The letter is transcribed as follows: To Mr. James Cariker Dear Sir I avail myself of the optunity of writing you a few lines to inform you that I am well at present and I do hope that those few lines will find you injoying the same blessing. Jim I received your letter and it was received with a very glad welcome by mee. Jim I am very sory to hear that you did not get a letter. I written to you some time ago. Jim I oftimes think of you and think if I shal ever see you again on earth. you muse write. I like to her from you if I cant see you. Jim you said that thir was some one their that I loved better than you. You must not think that. How can that be when you are the hold power of my harte. I am true to you for I cant love no other one but you. Jim do you sufore. I wold have a man that wold not for his rits I never expect to mary till war break and you get home again. Think think of me Jim and write to me agin soon. Brother William and Malissea is well you must write I must close remember mee till deth your very respectfully from your trulove. Meiss. J. Whaley
Paper. L 16.0, W 10.3 cm
Gettysburg National Military Park, GETT 40390