Frederick Douglass's Bedroom

Frederick Douglass’ bedroom contains a display of many his personal things. Notice on the floor, a boot jack sitting next to his chair, as well as a set of dumbbells which Douglass used daily as part of his exercise regime. His Panama hat and clothing are also on display in this room along with a lithograph of Douglass as a young man.

Mr. Douglass’ Renaissance Revival bed is in one corner of the room. When you see this piece of furniture in real life, the first thing that comes to mind is that the bed seems a tad short for a man of Douglass’s physical stature. He was about six feet tall. It was not uncommon for people during this time to sit somewhat upright in bed rather than lying out flat which could explain why Douglass didn’t’ need a longer bed.

On a pedestal in the corner of the room, there is a bust of Douglass which is Parisian plaster replica of a marble bust done by Johnson Mundy. The original bust is on display at the University of Rochester’s Frederick Douglass Hall.