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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born into a life of privilege at Hyde Park, NY, on January 30, 1882. He found himself drawn to politics and public service early in life. Roosevelt undertook this work with great energy and optimism. His earliest and greatest challenge was a polio attack at the age of thirty-nine. Roosevelt spent much of the next decade working to overcome the effects of the attack. He worked to reconcile himself to the meaning of partial paralysis in his life and career. Eleanor Rooselvelt and FDR's advisor Louie Howe became the strongest supporters of his return to politics and to the exercise of his huge energy and great personal gifts.

FDR, Churchill and Stalin at the Livadia Palace in Yalta, 1945.  Note that FDR is wearing the cape  pictured in the Museum Collection.
Franklin D Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin at the Livadia Palace in Yalta, 1945. Note that FDR is wearing a cape very similar to the one pictured above in the museum collection.
FDR Library 09-1905
The FDR house in Nyde Park, NY.  Click on image to expand in new window.
Springwood in Hyde Park, NY.  
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FDR, Fala and Ruthie Bie at Hilltop Cottage, in Hyde Park, NY. Photo: Margaret Suckley.
Franklin D Roosevelt, Fala and Ruthie Bie at Top Cottage, in Hyde Park, NY.
FDR Library 300

FDR born Hyde Park

Entered Harvard; father James dies
1905 Married 5th cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt, niece of President Teddy Roosevelt

1907 Admitted to the New York bar

1910 Elected to the New York State Senate

1913 Appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy by President Wilson

1920 Defeated in bid for Vice-Presidency


Stricken with polio
1927 Founded Warm Springs Foundation in Georgia, a center for polio therapy


Elected Governor of New York

Inaugurated U.S. President
1945 Died in Warm Springs, Georgia
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