Site Credits

Museum Management Program, National Park Service, initiated, developed, and coordinated
this multi-park American Visionary World Wide Web project to highlight the NPS museum collections.

Joan Bacharach, Curator and Access and Use Team Coordinator
Khaled Bassim, Visual Information Specialist, photography and web design
Ann Hitchcock, Chief Curator
Nicole Shiflet, Web Intern

Edes F. Talman, Photographer, Smithsonian Institution, Office of Imaging, Printing and Photographic Services

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site and Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site prepared collections for photography and developed copy for the exhibit.

Andrew Albertson, Intern
Michele Ballos, Museum Registrar
Frank Futral, Curator of Decorative Arts
Anne Jordan, Chief, Museum Services
Bruce McKeeman, Deputy Superintendent
Franceska Macsali-Urbin, Supervisory Park Ranger
Lucille Momme, Museum Technician
Sarah Olson, Superintendent
Scott Rector, Chief, Interpretation
Tom Rinaldi, Museum Aid
Bill Urbin, Photographer, Museum Specialist

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library

Cynthia Cook, Director
Wendell Parks, Curator

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Eleanor Roosevelt: American Visionary
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