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Pamphlet, “Clara Barton and Her Work

Thise pamphlet contains the 1902 photograph of Miss Barton and lists major dates and events in her life.  It contains corrections in blue ink on pages 5, 6, and 8, with a signature in blue ink of "Major Jones, Chairman." 

Whatever of stirring narrative and brilliancy of style may enter into the Biography of Clara Barton when it shall come to be written, nothing can well exceed the simple, beautiful eloquence of the following unadorned memorandum of some of the leading incidents of her life and work.  Upon every line of it may be hung a thrilling story of perilous adventure and pathetic moving incidents; and sermons without end might be drawn from it upon the entire abnegation of self and indifference to peril of a life consecrated to the cause of suffering humanity.”

Paper. H 21.0, W 14.2 cm

Clara Barton National Historic Site, CLBA 68