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Record of Federal Dead
c 1865

The Record of Federal Dead is a bound record book with 17 pages completed in pen and ink.  It lists the name, rank, company, state, regiment, place and date of death, age or cause of death for 488 Federal soldiers who died in hospitals in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  The names of those supplying the information are also given.  Printed in black on spine of the book "RECORD OF FEDERAL DEAD.  CLARA BARTON."

Between 1865 and 1869, Clara Barton conducted her search for missing soldiers and ran her Office of Correspondence with the Friends of the Missing Men of the United States Army.  She began her work in Annapolis, Maryland with the returning Union prisoners of war.  This book is original to her program and contains information she complied in order to notify families about the fate of their missing soldiers. 
Book, Paper, Leather. H 44.0, W 35.0, D 4.5 cm

Clara Barton National Historic Site, CLBA 1