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Tribute fo Julia Ward Howe Program
November 12, 1910
New York, NY

This program contains the tribute that Clara Barton gave in honor of Julia Ward Howe at the Memorial Meeting held by the League for Political Education at the Hudson Theater in NYC. Howe, an abolitionist and social activist, wrote the "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

Front cover: "In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me, As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free While God is marching on." 
Iinside, left: "Methinks it is good to be here:  If Thou wilt, let us build--but for whom?  Nor Elias nor Moses appear,--But the shadows of eve that encompass with gloom The abode of the dead and the place of the tomb. Shall we build unto sorrow?  the dead cannot grieve; Not a sob, nor a sigh meets mine ear, Which compassion itself could relieve! Ah, sweetly they slumber, nor love, hope, nor fear, Peach, peace, is the watchword, the only one here."

“Yes, Friends, it is good to be here.  You have chosen well.  From the busy marts of life, the pull of ambition, the whirl of commercial strife and the mad rush of politics, you have calmly stepped aside, and with hushed breath, lowered your flags to half mast, and with soft-tolling bell called a halt to the rushing throng, inviting it to the house of mourning.  Aye, more!  Asking it to pay tribute to a  great life grandly lived, and gloriously ended-- to try in words of poor, futile human speech to show the loss we have sustained.  For almost a century there has lived and walked among us a figure, quiet, unobtrusive, harmless and helpful, like the Master; comforting the sorrowful and the afflicted, strengthening the weak, correcting the erring, rebuking the wrong and upholding the right--an honor and a safeguard to her country; and, thank God, her country was not unmindful of its blessings while she lived.  It has today the joy of knowing that it neither forgot, persecuted nor crucified, but freely gave its recognition and dealt out its honors with unstinted measure and ungrudging hands.  Her Marah was never Marah, and ‘God sweetened the waters before she stooped to drink.’  Julia Ward Howe is no longer with us.  She has passed into the world's history to live among its greatest and its best.  The flinty road of human life is closed to her ‘jubilant feet,’ but across the sea in the beauty of the lilies her soul is marching on.  Clara Barton.  Glen Echo, Md Xmas, 1910.” 

Back, handwritten message, “Christmas Greetings for 1910.  May the best of all earths blessings be thine. for one and all Sincerely C.B.
Paper. L 17.2, W 27 cm

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