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Clara Barton

c 1902

This photo was taken in St. Petersburg, Russia when Barton attended the seventh Red Cross International Conference.  She is wearing two neck chains, one with a Red Cross medal; probably a German Official Red Cross Field Badge, given to her by Lousia, Grand Duchess of Baden.  The other, an amethyst pansy brooch, was also given to her by the Duchess.  A second circular Red Cross pin with an attached ribbon is pinned to the left lace lapel, the Silver Cross of Imperial Russia, given to Clara Barton by Czar Nicholas & Dowager Empress Dagmar. Miss Barton noted the occasion in her diary, “Tuesday, June 3, 1902  St. Petersburg.  … Went to lunch and the court chamberlain came and delivered to me the Decoration of the Emperor and the letter accompanying it.  This was at the lunch in the Conference building (Hall of Nobles).”   
Paper. H 28.0, W 24.0 cm

Clara Barton National Historic Site, CLBA 36