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Made by The Oliver Typewriter Co. Chicago, USA
c 1890-1910

This typewriter, also called a Standard Visible Writer, No. 5, is an authentic historic piece typical of office equipment used by American Red Cross staff in the Glen Echo home.  Clara Barton owned typewriters made by Remington, Underwood and Oliver.  She noted in her diary on December 3, 1898, Mr. Cottrell has succeeded so well in his operation of the Oliver Typewriter, that he is carrying along nearly all the current correspondence.”

The Oliver Typewriter Company was established in 1895 and is no longer in business.  The number 5 models were produced starting in 1907.  The Oliver Typewriter Company former headquarters building is located at 159 N. Dearborn St. Chicago and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 
Iron. H 28, W 39, Dia 37 cm

Clara Barton National Historic Site, CLBA 2404