National Park Service Museum Management Program

The Museum Management Program, National Park Service initiates, develops, and coordinates virtual museum exhibits to make National Park Service collections widely accessible.

The Museum Management Program collaborated with Clara Barton National Historic Site to develop this virtual museum exhibit and Teaching with Museum Collections lesson plans to highlight the extensive museum collections preserved by the National Park Service at Clara Barton National Historic Site.

Joan Bacharach, Museum Curator and Project Manager
Amber Dumler, Visual Information Specialist
Carol Highsmith, Contract Photographer; museum object photography and contemporary exterior and enterior photographs

Clara Barton National Historic Site Virtual Museum Exhibit and
Teaching with Museum Collections
Lesson Plans

Maria Capozzi, Museum Curator

Dana Dierkes, Supervisory Park Ranger
Allison Dixon, Park Ranger
Susan Finta, Park Ranger
Kevin Patti, Park Ranger
Kimberly Robinson, Acting Museum Curator
Franice Sewell, Park Ranger