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Colonel Frank J. Vida, Mrs. Sandburg and Nubian Goat
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Colonel Frank J. Vida presenting Mrs. Sandburg and Chikaming Evans Brocade (Nubian goat) with the Best Nubian Udder trophy at the 1957 Western Carolina Dairy Goat Association Show in Tryon, NC. Brocade was no stranger to the Western Carolina Dairy Goat Association; she had won first place awards at these shows every year between 1954-1959. She won Best of Breed under three different judges which made her a permanent grand champion. Brocade became the Nubian matriarch of the Chikaming Nubians and one of Mrs. Sandburg's favorite goats. Upon her death, Brocade was buried in the Connemara goat burial ground.
Paper. L20.3, W 25.4 cm
Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, CARL 955