The Museum Management Program, National Park Service initiates, develops, and coordinates virtual exhibits on this World Wide Web site to make National Park Service museum and archival collections widely accessible.

The Museum Management Program collaborated with Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial to develop this interpretive virtual exhibit and the Teaching with Museum Collections lesson unit plans that highlight the park’s extensive museum and archival collections.

Joan Bacharach, Museum Curator, and Access and Use Team Coordinator
Carol M. Highsmith, Photographer
Amber Young, Visual Information Specialist

Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial
Kendell Thompson, Site Manager
Mary Troy, Museum Curator
Laura Anderson, Museum Technician
Matthew Penrod, Park Ranger
Karen Kinzey, Historian
Frank Cucurullo, Historian

Keena Graham, Graduate Student Intern
Oscar Fitzgerald

Harpers Ferry Center
Carol Petravage, Staff Curator, Planning and Research
John Brucksch, Associate Manager, Planning and Research