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    Surplus Museum Objects for Deaccession - Manassas National Battlefield Park

    The museum objects in this list are available to non-federal institutions. Contact the park museum specialist for additional information.

    MANA 98 Spider
    MANA 141 Yoke
    MANA 348 Yoke bow
    MANA 351 Meat grinder
    MANA 395 Yoke
    MANA 1085 Door
    MANA 1100 Serving dish
    MANA 1169 Birdcage
    MANA 1207 Crock pot lid
    MANA 1208 Crock pot lid
    MANA 1428 Door
    MANA 1431 Dining table
    MANA 1675 Low post bed frame (to Homestead NHS?)
    MANA 1676 Low post bed frame (to Homestead NHS?)
    MANA 1677 Partial bed frame (head & foot boards only)
    MANA 1678 Trundle bed
    MANA 2025 Serving bowl lid
    MANA 2028 Checkerboard (previously reported missing at MRCE)
    MANA 2034 Decorative basket
    MANA 2051 Pick head

    Contact: Jim Burgess, Museum Specialist
    703-361-1339 X 1207

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