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    Objects Available from the Museum Resource Center

    The Museum Resource Center (MRCE) has deaccessioned a collection of approximately 300 objects. The objects were transferred to the MRCE from Catoctin Mountain Park (CATO) after CATO deaccessioned the objects. These objects were accessioned into MRCE collection in error and later deaccessioned in 2006. Many of the objects were acquired for living history and exhibit purposes and should not have been cataloged into the museum collection. The objects span the time period from about the late 1800s to early 1900s. Most objects are in good to fair condition. The following are generalized descriptions of the types of objects that are available.

    Blacksmith and Farming Tools: grinder, sickle, auger, broadaxes, corn sheller, sheep shears, hoof trimmer, hay hook, froes, riveter, pulleys, spokeshaves.

    Textile Manufacturing: loom, loom jack, bobbin, spinning wheel, textile fragments, wool carders, spindle, sewing machine, laundry boiler, hetchels.

    Furniture: washstand, lamp, saddlemaker’s bench.

    Kitchen Equipment: kraut stomper, meat grinder, ceramic pitchers, spoon, ricers, meat hook, potato hook, lard press, milk can, cake mold, cream whip, teapot, fruit dryer.

    Misc. Household and Other items: magazines, oil cans, animal traps, books, tablecloth, broom machines, vase, tool set, die, comb, poster, protective net, barbed wire.

    Please contact the park for further information: Ashley Carter, Curator Museum Resource Center 3300 Hubbard Rd. Landover, MD 20785 301-832-3968 Email

    Click here for the list of objects available from the Museum Resource Center.

    Lincoln Home National Historic Site

    Lincoln Home National Historic Site intends to deaccession a circa 1835 mirror that is outside the park’s scope of collections. The intent is to convey the mirror to the Elijah Iles House Foundation, Springfield, Illinois. The Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, consists of the oldest house in Springfield, which has been converted to an 1830s historic house museum. The mirror, which has no Lincoln or city connection and is inaccurate for the 1844-1860 occupation of the Lincolns in the house, has not been exhibited in the Lincoln Home since at least 1987.

    Please address any comments or questions about this deaccession to Susan Haake, Curator, Lincoln Home National Historic Site at (217) 391-3246 or