Clearinghouse Classifieds

    Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park- Objects Available

    The objects in the attached list were reviewed by the park’s Collections Advisory Committee and recommended for deaccession. They are available for transfer to parks and federal agencies or conveyance to non-federal institutions.

    For questions or additional information, contact:

    Luisa Dispenzirie, Museum Curator luisa_dispenzirie@nps.gov
    Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park (540) 693-3200 x 6030 or
    120 Chatham Lane, Fredericksburg, VA 22405 (540) 841-0317

    Notice of Intent to Deaccession NPS Clearinghouse

    The NPS Clearinghouse intends to convey a marble statue group entitled Columbus Disclosing the New World to the Old (WASO 1235) to the Grand Knights of San Lorenzo Council 12378 of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The statue is believed to be a circa 1830 scale model by Aristodemo Costoli of a larger statue erected at the Port of Genua. Originally at Independence National Historical Park, the statue was sent to the NPS Clearinghouse in 1975 because it no longer fit the park’s Scope of Collection. It has been in storage at the Museum Resource Center since 1990. In February 2020, the statue was advertised to the parksp, and no parks requested the statue.

    The statue requires conservation work to reattach the head of Columbus and replace broken fingers on some of the female figures. The San Lorenzo Council will restore the statue and place it at the meditation garden of the San Lorenzo Spiritual Center in Virginia Beach, where the Council has been given space to display the statue.

    For additional information, please contact: Kathleen Byrne at Kathleen_byrne@nps.gov or 304-535-6204.

    marble statue marble statue marble statue base

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Objects Available

    National Mall and Memorial Parks intends to deaccession 344 objects from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial museum collection that are either surplus to the park’s needs or have been determined to be outside the site’s scope of collection. These objects are large items from the oversized collection and were left as voluntarily abandoned property at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial between 1986 and 2012. Most of the objects were left by anonymous or unidentified donors. The objects can be found in the attached list. Below are general descriptions of the types of objects that are available:

    Artificial wreaths: attributed to a unit/military group; marking an event; no attribution
    Canes & walking sticks
    Crosses: unmarked; religious messages; for other conflicts
    Easels & display stands: disassociated from items they displayed when left
    Flags: United States; POW/MIA; RVN, states; other veteran organizations
    Stone samples: samples of Memorial stone created for weather testing
    Plaques: PTSD groups; other veteran organizations
    Posters: veteran organizations; units/military groups; artistic
    School and group projects
    Signs: banners; units/military groups; veteran organizations; unrelated causes Miscellaneous: baskets; sleeping bag; television; folk art; dioramas; guitar For additional information, please contact the park’s curator:

    Janet Folkerts
    Museum Curator National Mall and Memorial Parks
    900 Ohio Drive
    S.W. Washington, D.C. 20024
    Email: janet_folkerts@nps.gov

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