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    Fort Circle and Fort Washington intend to deaccession the following list of objects that are outside the parks’ scope of collections.
    Please address all inquiries to Mike Antonioni, Curator, National Capital Parks-East at (202)-692-6049 or Images available from the park upon request.

    FOCE 1649- Confederate $10 Bill
    The bill was printed February 17, 1864, by Keatinge & Ball (Columbia, S.C.). The front is printed in pink and features horses pulling a cannon as well as a portrait of Robert M.T. Hunter. The back is printed in blue and has the word “TEN.” L 7.8cm, W 18.2cm. Condition: Complete/Fair; worn edges, some stains.

    FOCE 1650- Reproduction Confederate $1000 Bill
    The front is yellow and printed in green with three columns. The left and right columns have 12 oval circles with “M” in the middle above a man’s portrait. The middle of the column states, “Twelve months after date Confederate States of America Will Pay No. 297 To Bearer One Thousand Dollars.” Back is printed in black ink. L 8.9cm, W 18.4cm. Condition: Complete/Fair; folded creases, some stains.

    FOWA 176- Pot Hook
    Circa 1800-1850 pot hook. The hook with shank has five holes evenly spaced starting from the hook. It has a forged round fastener with a hole. L 25.1cm, W 4.45cm, D 0.64cm. Condition: Complete/Good.

    FOWA 188- Book
    Sermons on Practical Subjects, Volume I, by Reverend Robert Walker. Published in 1816, the book has a light brown leather binding. 21.91cm x 13.34cm. Condition: Incomplete/Fair; the spine is partly missing, and the cover is coming loose from the spine; pages are slightly stained.

    FOWA 205- Pianoforte
    1848 pianoforte. 43 black and white keys and a hinged top that rests over the keys but does not cover them. Four wide legs are separated from the object but have turned areas for screwing into the pianoforte. A gold label over the keys reads “J. Chickering Co. Boston.” L 72.5cm, W 30cm, H 14cm. Condition: Complete/Poor; a piece of wood is coming off on the right side, and the keys are faded at the bottom and missing some parts of the fabric.

    FOWA 239- Organ
    Circa 1840 organ. The organ has a double keyboard and a wood pattern on the front below the keyboard with a red fabric backing. The top folds in two sections to completely enclose the keyboard. There are two stops on each keyboard. The four tapered legs are eight-sided. Two foot pedals are surrounded by decoration. L 50cm, W 26.5cm, H 32.5cm. Condition: Complete/Fair; one of the pedals is bent.

    FOWA 11945- Camera
    Circa 1900 Kodak View camera. The object is a square wood box painted black-on-black with a canonical accordion folded fabric covering on the front and a square wood piece with brass lens housing attached. The box sits on top of a wooden rectangular piece. The label at the top of the camera reads “Folmer and Schwing Division, Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester NY.” The label at the top of the lens reads “AF Thompson and Co. Importers Boston.” H 54.7cm, L 52.3cm. Condition: Complete/ Fair; some stains on wooden and metal parts; front has a chipped area.

    FOWA 13299- Book
    The Secret Service, The Field, Dungeon, and The Escape published in 1866 by the American Publishing Company. The cover is brown with letters on the spine. L 8.56cm, W 5.44cm, H 1.88cm. Condition: Complete/Poor; original writing on title page is faded; some pages are stained, and the cover and the spine show damage.