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Washington's Headquarters Museum

The American Style Gallery
Home to an original Edward Savage portrait of George Washington, this gallery highlights the material culture of eighteenth century America. From fine clothes and jewelry to eating utensils and musical instruments, the American Style Gallery brings to life the world in which George Washington lived.

The Military Gallery
America's independence was ensured through the bravery of its soldiers during the Revolutionary War. The Military Gallery preserves the memory of the war through its collection of muskets, pistols, and cannon, as well as portraits, maps, and other artwork. Of particular interest is the Ferguson Rifle, a highly advanced and exceedingly rare eighteenth century firearm. Also of note is the sword worn by George Washington during his first Presidential inauguration.

The Lloyd W. Smith Gallery
Named in honor of one of the principal private contributors to the park's collection, the Smith gallery houses as number of pamphlets and other documents from the Revolutionary era. These original documents are evidence of the rich political culture flourishing in colonial America, and highlight the controversy over British taxation, the mobilization for the war, and early debates about slavery.

The Ford Mansion
An original eighteenth-centry structure completed in 1774, the Ford Mansion is the centerpiece of Morristown National Historical Park. Originally owned by Jacob Ford Jr., a prominent Morristown businessman, the mansion served as George Washington's military headquarters from December 1779 to June 1780. Today, the mansion is fully furnished in eighteenth-century style, including several original pieces. Tours of the mansion are conducted hourly.

Last updated: July 30, 2022

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