Education Fee Waiver

Education Fee Waiver
Requirements and Application Instructions

Education groups may apply in advance for a fee waiver if the purpose of the visit is to study of resources specifically related to the park. To be eligible for a waiver, a group must submit an application and document eligibility.

Educational fee waivers are not automatically granted. Applicant groups must demonstrate that they qualify for the waiver. There are three requirements that a group must document to qualify for an educational fee waiver: eligibility, educational purpose, and relevance of park resources to curriculum.

Allow a minimum of 14 days to process a determination of a fee waiver request. Fee waivers must be approved in advance of the visit and cannot be issued when a group arrives on-site. Groups without a pre-approved fee waiver will pay entrance fees.

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Apply for an Education Fee Waiver
To apply for a waiver, a group must complete this application and include the following:

  • Eligibility: Document recognition of affiliation as an education institution by a federal, state or local government entity, or other evidence attesting to educational status. (An accreditation letter, or an IRS, state, or local tax authority tax exempt document can be used.) A fee waiver cannot be processed without one of these documents submitted with your application.
  • Education Purpose: A written statement on the institution's letterhead describing the educational purpose and how the visit relates to park resources. (Course outlines, lesson plans, or a copy of the curriculum also meet this requirement.) General statements that a visit is for "educational" or "academic" purposes cannot be accepted.
  • Relevance to Curriculum: Document that the applicant is providing educational credit hours based on a specific course of instruction. (This requirement may be met by stating the course number, description, or a copy of the catalog description for college courses or an outline of student work required for K-12.)

Chaperone to Student Ratios
The number of chaperones permitted under a fee waiver is based on the grade level of the students. Additional chaperones will be required to pay the per person charge as applicable.

Ratios of eligible chaperones to students are:

  • 1 chaperone for every 5 elementary school students.
  • 1 chaperone for every 10 middle, junior high, and high school students.
  • 1 chaperone for every 20 college students


Application packages should be emailed to at least 14 days in advance of the planned visit in order to be considered. If you have questions regarding your application prior to your visit, please call 973-539-2016 x 210.

Additional Information

  • Anyone age 15 and younger is exempt from park entrance fees.
  • Organizations that are generally considered service, civic, or fraternal (e.g., scout troops, sports teams, clubs, faith-based organizations, etc.) do NOT qualify for an education fee waiver.
Download Education Fee Waiver

Last updated: May 12, 2017

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