Life and Death on the Mountain

Black Tailed Mule Deer standing in lush foliage.
Black-tailed Mule Deer are one species of "primary consumer" found on Mount Rainier.

NPS, Steve Redman

Overview: Children love to play hide and seek. As it turns out so do plants, prey, and predators! In this activity students will become the hunters, the hunted, and the hiders. Or in ecological terms- the apex consumers, the primary consumers, and the primary producers. Be ready to run, and hunt for your food before winter comes and you are left without a meal!
Grade level:
5 -8
Objectives: Students will identify examples of adaptations in producers, prey, and predators of one of Mount Rainier's four primary life zones.

Students will describe the importance of adaptations in these organisms in order to stay alive and pass on their genetic information to the next generation.

Lesson Plan:
Life and Death - word, 45KB
Life and Death - pdf, 422KB

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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