King of the Mountain

Mount Rainier with subalpine meadow/forest "parkland" in the foreground.
Subalpine forest/meadow is one of the four main life zones found on Mount Rainier.

NPS Photo

Overview: Students will learn about the low-elevation forest, mid-elevation forest, subalpine forest/meadow, and alpine life zones on Mount Rainier by creating a playdough volcano and plant and animal adaptation cards to determine which team is "king of the mountain".
Grade Level:
6 - 8
Objectives: Students will:
  • identify characteristic life forms in each of the four main life zones
  • describe adaptations of the living things in each ecological community
  • identify that there are no set boundaries for the plants and animals of a life zone and that organisms migrate through more than one life zone
Lesson Plan:
King of the Mountain - word, 53KB
King of the Mountain - pdf, 659KB
Resources: King of the Mountain Powerpoint Presentation
King of the Mountain Adaptation Cards
Life Zone Animals and Plants

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