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Use the research resources provided below to learn more about Mount Rainier National Park and the National Park Service. Whether or not you are planning to visit the park, this page is for you.

Explore your national parks, monuments, historic sites, trails and more. Use the web to learn more about all National Park Service sites.

Learn more about the history and development of the National Park Service and is mission.

Visit Northwest Park Science to learn about the Northwest's most interesting scientific research projects. Each section includes an online activity, photos from the field, a link to a newspaper article on the subject, and more resourcs.

High school and college students will find a wealth of information about Mount Rainier in Nature & Science and History & Culture. These sections include information about the park's geology, archaeology, history, air quality, wildlife, museum collection, NatureNotes written and illustrated by early park rangers, vegetation and soils, a research catalog that covers Olympic and North Cascades National Parks as well as Mount Rainier, and much more.

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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