Citizen Science

The tadpole of a Western Toad.
A Western Toad tadpole, a species that is is monitored at Mount Rainier.

NPS Photo

Overview: Children are taught that they can't contribute much to society until they are adults- that is nonsense! We need to provide opportunities for our children to provide an immediate contribution to the land they love. The Citizen Science Team will conduct field surveys of toads and tadpoles in park lakes, ponds, and wetland areas. Volunteers will work under a trained field biologist in areas throughout the park. As a result children will see that they can make contributions to the field of science at a very young age and provide very valuable data to scientists while doing so!
Grade Level:
5 - 12
Objectives: Students will:
  • Join the Citizen Science Team.
  • Conduct field surveys under the supervision of trained field biologists.
Lesson Plan:
Citizen Science - word, 45KB
Citizen Science - pdf, 180KB

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