Chaperones are an essential component of a field trip to Mount Rainier National Park. They are an extension of the teaching staff, and therefore need to be prepared for this adventure. The role of the chaperone is to help facilitate a field trip that is safe, fun and educational.

Teacher Checklist: Preparing your Chaperones

  • Recruit your chaperones early. It is worth the time and effort to organize and prepare good chaperones.

  • Be sure they feel comfortable with the plans and expectations for the field trip and understand the educational goals of the trip.

  • It’s helpful to have chaperones be responsible for one group of students for the entire day. This helps them develop a working relationship with these students.

  • If possible and relevant, invite chaperones to attend class when studying field trip topics.

  • Run through all activities that the chaperones will be responsible for during the trip.

  • Explain safety tips and emergency procedures, as well as your disciplinary policy.

  • Provide chaperones with a list of what to wear and bring; remember that the chaperones should be dressed appropriately and be ready for action.

  • Don’t forget to thank chaperones for all they have done to help make the trip a success.

Adult/Student Suggested Ratio

  • Kindergarten-2 Grade= 1 adult for every 3 students

  • 3– 5 Grade= 1 adult for every 5 students

  • 6 Grade and higher = 1 adult for every 10 students

Chaperone Checklist: Responsibilities and Guidelines

If you are selected to help chaperone a field trip, please realize that you are an important partner in these program. We do limit not only the number of students we can serve per field trip, but also the number of adults with each group. A few things to consider

  • Do not bring any siblings who are not in the class as your full attention is needed to help with the students.

  • Please plan on riding the school bus. Mount Rainier is a climate friendly park and parking can be an issue.

The primary duty of a chaperone is to help provide a safe learning environment for the students. Recognize that the physical safety and well being of each of the students must be your primary concern. Help to ensure that these physical needs have been met. One of your jobs as a chaperone may be to keep track of a group of students. Remain with your group at all times. Like the students, you need to be properly clothed and prepared for the varied weather and activities on any field trip to Mount Rainier.

Be an active participant in the Mount Rainier field trip; the students will want to participate if you do. A positive outlook can have a great effect on student attitudes and willingness to try new things. Students look to you as a role model. Remember to model compassion for all students, respect for the park environment and an enthusiasm for learning. Your involvement can guide the learning process and help focus students on the activity. But also remember that a major part of any outdoor program is discovery. You do not need to know all the answers. It’s more important to peak the student’s interest; to help them explore, observe and ask questions. And remember this is the student’s field trip, so when a question is asked to the students; allow them to answer. Most importantly, go with the flow, adapt and enjoy this field trip to Mount Rainier. The students pick up on how you react.

As a chaperone you are also expected to provide guidance to your students by helping with discipline.
It’s important for you to understand the educational goals of the trip as well as the behavioral consequences. One of the ways to assist the teachers is by helping students stay on task. Be a positive role model by conducting yourself in a professional manner at all times. It’s also helpful to review some of the Park rules to help your students comply with rules such as staying on the trails and not feeding the wildlife or picking the plants.

You have the opportunity to participate in a potentially significant way in the education of the students you are with. Have fun with it and enjoy your visit to Mount Rainier National Park.

Last updated: July 26, 2018

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