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The Race to Washington

Ranger program at the visitor center
Ranger program at the visitor center

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 Begin your visit at the visitor center.

* Students will learn about the Battle of Monocacy from the perspective of Union soldiers, Confederate soldiers, and civilians.

* They will discover how slavery divided the country economically and politically, and how Monocacy fits within the larger context of the Civil War.

* They can follow a timeline that runs throughout the exhibit area to provide a greater framework of American history and that allows students to examine other events that may have affected, or been affected by, the Civil War.

* They will see many original artifacts, appropriately displayed throughout eleven vignettes, and numerous reproductions which are utilized in hands-on exhibits.

* A fiber optic map provides an eight minute description of battle tactics followed by an opportunity to view the actual battlefield from an observation deck.


Please note the following:

* Restrooms are available only at the Visitor Center.
* There are picnic areas at the Visitor Center, Gambrill Mill, Thomas Farm, and the Worthington Farm
* Monocacy is a trash-free park. Everyone is encouraged to take their trash with them.


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African American History and Culture, Civil War, Conservation
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