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Battlefield in a Box

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 Designed for one, three, or five hour-long lessons, the trunk includes a Teacher's Guide and Read Along Book.  It involves a role-playing activity that encourages group discussions on ethical issues, and has been field tested by teachers and students.

Through the use of the trunk, students will learn about:

* The primary events that comprised the Battle of Monocacy, including significant events that preceded and followed it.

* How individual experiences of civilians and soldiers of all ranks provide meaningful insight into the Battle of Monocacy.

* How the battle affected the local community.

* Jubal Early's campaign into Maryland and how the Battle of Monocacy became the only Confederate victory on Union soil.

Borrowing Instructions

 To reserve the trunk call 301-662-3515.

Please note: This trunk has two parts and requires a van or station wagon for safe transport.  it is the teacher's responsibility to pick-up and return the trunk.  Due to the size/weight of the components, we are unable to ship this "traveling trunk."


Traveling Trunk

Last updated: April 10, 2015