Virtual Tour From Inside The Castle

Atop 2nd Floor Roof

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The Second Floor


View From Just Outside The Modern Primary Entrance
QTVR Movie (2.44Mb) JPEG Image (4.32Mb)

Castle Entrance
You’ve just finished climbing three ladders to reach the Castle on this very special trip; not many people get to go inside this well-preserved ruin.  You stop for a breath and take in the doorway in front of you, with its wooden lintel.  You note the peephole to the left.  As you turn to the left the cliff face melts away and you gaze at the valley below with Beaver Creek winding through.  Making a full circle back to the door you take a good look at the wall that was built so long ago.

The Third Floor


View From The 3rd Floor Landing
QTVR Movie (2.75Mb) JPEG Image (4.85Mb)

Atop 2nd Floor Roof
After climbing up to the third floor you come out on this landing.  Turning to the right, you think how amazing it is that the Sinagua built in this cliff.  Continuing to turn you see the Monument’s trails through the Arizona sycamores and beyond the creek the valley that the Sinagua once tilled stretches away.  You turn back to the Castle, seeing a doorway and the wooden poles of the ladder up which you just climbed.  Finally, you continue on along the wooden pathway put in many years ago to protect the floor from heavy traffic.

View From Inside The 3rd Floor Section Of The Main Tower
QTVR Movie (1.95Mb) JPEG Image (3.84Mb)

Inside 3rd Floor Tower
Inside the Main Tower the light is better and you can see much of the structure.  Looking through an opening, you see a doorway that was once T-shaped, as well as a roof-beam sticking through the wall.  Turning to the right you see many windows and as you look up you see the roof with its strong sycamore beams crisscrossed with smaller branches and twigs.  Finally you notice the original plaster with centuries-old hand and finger prints.

The Fourth Floor


View From Inside One Of The Fire-Blackened Rooms
QTVR Movie (2.41Mb) JPEG Image (4.48Mb)

Inside 4th Floor Room
After climbing to the fourth floor, the first thing you notice is the amount of soot on the walls of this room.  The second thing is the modern, metal support holding up the sycamore roof-beams.  As you turn around in the room you are again dazzled by the original plaster which reveals the hand prints of the Sinagua.  But you are also amazed at how many 19th century soldiers and other early visitors could inscribe their own marks on the beams and walls of this structure.

The Fifth Floor


View From The Parapet (Roof Of The Fourth Floor Rooms)
QTVR Movie (2.54Mb) JPEG Image (4.51Mb)

Atop 4th Floor Roof
You start by gazing down the long wall which guards the edge of the building here.  Thankful that you and those who lived here years ago are protected from a long fall, you gaze out at the valley again, perhaps in time to see some wildlife.  As you turn back to the cliff, you see the curve of the wall, and then another wooden walkway put in when visitors were able to tour inside.  Then you see the fifth floor rooms, and decide to enter.

View From Inside The Big Room
QTVR Movie (2.86Mb) JPEG Image (5.58Mb)

Inside Large 5th Floor Room
You stepped up into this walled off cave.  The Sinagua built the whole of the Castle in a large cave, but the fifth floor rooms are the farthest reaching point of the larger cave.  The Sinagua walled these off to create usable rooms, so as you turn you realize huge differences from the other rooms through which you walked.  The only light comes from the door and a small peephole; also the plastered walls have been replaced by the solid limestone of the cliff.  Again, you marvel at the ingenious nature of the Sinagua.

Images and QTVR's by Joshua Boles - NPS
Virtual Tour Text by Sharlot Hart - NPS

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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