Emergency Management

Local or national emergencies have the potential to disrupt the normal administration of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area and may threaten the safety of employees and visitors. This webpage, along with an emergency telephone extension number (#666), during such an event will be updated with news and other information if an emergency prevents normal communications among MISS employees.

Following are important sources of information and actions that employees should take now to increase safety and to decrease disruptions to park operations.

Stay Informed

Inside NPS: Swine Flu
Minnesota State Pandemic Planning
Minnesota Department of Health: H1N1 Novel Influenza news page

Actions You Should Take Now

-Update passwords and access information for your C3Portal e-mail to prepare for telecommuting.
-Update your contact information at Y:\shared files\administration\Personnel\MNRRA Staff.doc
-Review the MISS Pandemic Flu Level One Action Plan at Y:\shared files\cross-team\Committees\Safety\Pandemic Influenza
-Review the MISS Continuity of Operations at Y:\shared files\administration\Continuity of Operations Plan
-Read the Business Checklist.
-Prepare your own Individual/Family Plan

Last updated: April 10, 2015

Contact the Park

Mailing Address:

111 E. Kellogg Blvd., Suite 105
Saint Paul, MN 55101


(651) 293-0200
This is the general phone line at the Visitor Center. Please leave a voicemail if we miss your call and expect a return call within 1 day, often sooner.

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