Coldwater Spring Parking Lot Closure

Starting May 26, the Coldwater Spring parking lot will close to public parking and will be transformed into a community space to serve various purposes:


Green Space

We’re continuing our habitat restoration efforts to restore the prairie, oak savanna forest, and wetlands. A gravel bed tree nursery will be installed to help with tree survivability, learn more at

Alternative Transportation

Coldwater Spring is located between two major bike trails. We’re expanding bike parking and encouraging people to bike or ride the bus/lightrail to access the park. Additionally, a Nice Ride station is conveniently located on Minnehaha Park Drive South.


Accessible Parking

We’re trying to make Coldwater Spring a more inclusive space by expanding the number of handicapped parking lot spaces.


Community Engagement

A temporary interpretative station will be installed to engage the community with Coldwater Spring’s history, habitat restoration efforts, and volunteer opportunities.

This map shows the location of various restorations and the location of the Coldwater Parking Lot.
Coldwater Spring and surrounding areas.

Park Rules for Dog Owners

  • Staff and volunteers have witnessed off-leash dogs harassing or killing wildlife, chasing wildlife into traffc, or being hurt or killed by wildlife.

  • Dog owners may be ticketed or fined for letting pets off-leash outside the dog park boundaries.

  • All dogs must be on-leash at all times unless in an area that has been designated as off-leash.

  • People are required to pick up after their dogs. Pets may not be left unattended.

  • Minnehaha Off-Leash Dog Park is the ONLY place where dogs are allowed off-leash!

Last updated: June 13, 2018

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