The Comprehensive Management Plan


The Comprehensive Management Plan has been divided into 10 seperate PDF files or may be downloaded as a full document.

Comprehensive Management Plan Components

Summary (download the summary)

Introduction (download the introduction)

The Plan (download the plan)

Project History
Issues Addressed in the Plan
Purposes and Visions for the Area
Land Use and Protection Policies
Open Space and Trails
Commercial Navigation
Management Zoning
Resources Management
Natural Resources Management
Cultural Resources Management
Economic Resources Management
Recreation Research Needs
Visitor Use and Interpretation
Visitor Activities and Recreational Resources
Visitor Use Management
Interpretation, Education, and Visitor Services
General Development
National Park Service Facilities in the Corridor
Facility Needs
Harriet Island Development Concept
Other Facilities in the Corridor
National Park Service Operations
National Park Services Staffing Needs
Cooperating Association
Plan Implementation
General Concept for Implementation
Partner Roles
Coordination and Consistency
Compatibility with Other Plans and Programs
Water Quality
Costs and Priorities (Financial Plan)

Development of the Plan (download the Development of the Plan)

Public Involvement in the Planning Process
Legal Compliance

Preparers (download the Preparers)

Appendices (download the Appendices)

Geographic Information System
Sample Design Guidelines
Nine-foot Navigation Channel Maintenance Activities
National Park Service Staffing Needs
Headquarters Space Needs
Previous Efforts to Address Regulatory Issues
Permitting and Regulatory Authorities
Interpretive Concept and Cost Estimate For Harriet Island Center

Glossary (download the Glossary)

Selected References (download the Selected References)

Amendment (download Amendment)

Key Changes
Legal Compliance
Mississippi River National Center
Mississippi River Exhibition Gallery
Mississippi River Education Center
Outdoor Exhibits and Programs
Cost and Attendance

Maps (download Maps)

Corridor Boundary
Cultural Resources
Development Area
Fleeting Areas
Harriet Island Interpretive Center
Open Space Opportunities
Sensitive Natural Area
Trail Routing Concepts

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