Having Fun with Mississippi River Fish


The Mississippi River is a busy place. Barges and boats run up and down the river. Roads and railroads run along side it. Bridges cross it. Great cities and small villages dot its shores.

But it is also busy beneath the river's surface where the fish live. Learn more about these fascinating animals by downloading the pages below. Then color them and read the text to find out more!

Bluegill image


These small fish often are aggressive when feeding, making them easy to catch. Many other fish eat them as well, even though they have spines in their fins. Download the Bluegill coloring page (PDF).

largemouth bass image

Largemouth Bass

This fish is a favorite of anglers, because they fight hard and often leap from the water. They can also grow quite large and are found in small ponds, large lakes, and rivers. Download the Largemouth Bass coloring page (PDF).

Channel Catfish image

Channel Catfish

Channel catfish are one of the larger fish found in the Mississippi River and its tributaries. The largest channel catfish in Minnesota weighed 38 pounds, but they can get much larger! Download the Channel Catfish coloring page (PDF).
sculpin image

Mottled Sculpin

Mottled Sculpins may not be found in the Mississippi, but they are found in streams that flow into it. People don't eat this small fish, but many other fish, like trout and bass, do eat them making them an important part of a river's ecology. Download the Mottled Sculpin coloring page (PDF).
Walleye image


Walleye are often caught below the dams on the Mississippi River. It is, perhaps, the angler's favorite fish in Minnesota, but can be difficult to catch. Download the Walleye coloring page (PDF).

Go Fishing!

Learn more about fishing within the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

Images on this and subsequent pages are courtesy of Duane Raver/USFWS. Coloring pages on subsequent pages are courtesy of Utah Department of Wildlife Resources.

Last updated: November 22, 2019

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