Jr.Ranger Program

Historic art outside of Launch Control Center Delta-01
Historic Art outside of Launch Control Center Delta-01

Junior Ranger Program
For nearly three decades Minuteman Missile field personnel protected and defended our nation. Now you can learn about the duties they performed and why the Cold War was a defining event in American History.

To download a copy of the Minuteman Missile Junior Ranger program click on these links:

7 to 11 year old Junior Ranger Program

12 and older Junior Ranger Program

Follow the directions closely, then after you have completed the program mail it to: Minuteman Missile NHS 21280 SD Highway 240 Philip, SD 57567

A National Park Service Ranger will check your completed program to make sure you qualify for Junior Ranger status. You will then receive a certificate and patch certifying you as a Minuteman Missile Junior Ranger!

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(605) 433-5552
This is a general purpose access phone line, allowing access to staff personnel via specific extensions or an operator and voicemail messaging. Normally, messages are returned within 24 hours.

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